Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Directors Statement

Originally, I was sent the “KILLER HEELS” script, written by Norina Mackey, with a view to play the lead role “Chloe”. The production asked if I would also like to direct the film. I accepted without hesitation. 
Because of the limited dialogue, I wanted to produce a visual feast.  As well as keep an upbeat feel to balance the darkness of the piece. My mind flew into creative overdrive…... “I want to portray the best of Britain!  Using historical landmarks and locations, costume, and props (Rolls Royce, Bentley… wait!…they’re German!) …. It could be a period piece, set in the 20s” …….
My visions of grandeur quickly came to a halt when I was told; we have no budget, locations, costume, hair and makeup. Etc.
Furthermore, we have two days to shoot this film. Starting the following weekend!
It was the first time I had met the cast and crew, but one thing was abundantly clear. We were all equally determined to make this film, regardless of the limitations. For many of the crew, this was their first project. Under tough compromising conditions, long hours and stolen shots. Dedication and positivity helped us finish this film. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with the team, and to share our love for the arts. 
Enjoy :)